Week 3-Breadcrumbs

In my action plan, my focus has been on student development and motivation but this week I found myself inclined towards classroom management and learning environment which is discussed in Chapter 7. Past week, I have had an incident where a student misbehaved in class, and in the evening sent me an abusive email which I had to show to the dean due to inappropriate language being used. The student has been suspended from school for two days, over which he showed no remorse. It is a trend that when we get involved in a debate, the back and forth exchange leads to nowhere in classrooms. When the verbal insult happened, I did not get engage into it and kept my calm but naturally, adolescents tends to be defensive first and aggressive later on. It is quite unexpected how my shift has changed into dealing with classroom management as maintaining a positive, engaging and safe classroom is a priority of any educator,  which helps the educators themselves to further the intellectual development of students.

Naturally, I have been optimistic and confident while teaching, but recent developments have made my focus tilt towards supporting and addressing students' issues, whether they are emotional or social. A recess in upcoming, and I am uncertain of developments which will occur, but I do know is that I plan to personally reach out to every student of mine if I sense them in a personal crisis/conflict so I can guide their state of mind to being productive and positive, and take appropriate steps so that misbehavior can be addressed before it explodes in a frenzy of emotions. It is our responsibility of all educators to provide assistance of all sorts to students who need it, and I plan to reach out to the guidance counselor, parent-teacher coordinators and the support of my classmates here in ED 631 so I can do my best to support my students in all fields academic or personal.  

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

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