Turtle Blocks

I enjoyed using Turtle Blocks this week. Last week I had difficulty while using Etoys, and I felt that Turtle Blocks was more user friendly, and the video tutorial was a huge help as well. I used Turtle Blocks to write my name. I got this idea because I am currently working in a Kindergarten classroom, and we often spend time writing our name, and are working writing letters the correct way, and using capitals at the beginning of our name. I feel that this could be a fun way for students in my class to practice writing their name, while working on programming, and learning problem solving skills, as well as the use of trial and error. I had some difficulty figuring out how to get a second turtle, but after some exploring I was able to find the spot where I can add more turtles. I enjoyed working with the Turtle Blocks program! 

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito

      Very nicely done.

      I agree that this could be a great tool for teaching young folks to write and learn letters. If you get a chance to try that out, let us know how it goes.

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