Rohan's update week 3

This past week I did a couple things to help maintain and execute my action plan. Knowing myself, I know it would be difficult to hold myself to the same high standard I would like to due to all the pressures teaching gives us. Because of this I have enlisted to help of a collaborator in the class, Tom, to help keep me on track and maintain the standards I am setting for myself. I believe this collaboration will give me a new perspective in how I am going about the activities in my class and assessing whether or not I am hitting my goals. 

The first step towards reaching my goal this week was to try to understand the students that I have in my difficult class. The textbook chapter on student behaviors helped me understand that there is a relationship I need to make with my students, especially the difficult ones, in order to get them to agree to put in the work in my class. I have tried to have conversations with them in the hallway and before class to see what their home lives are like. I have heard many stories about families lives that I could not have imagined and realized how different each student in my class is.

I have already begun personalizing the lessons that makes the material more digestible for the class and am looking towards knowing my students even more. I have even thought about coaching track and field since I know a lot of my students in the class are going to be running or throwing this season.  I hope I can continue to maintain. Best of luck everyone !

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

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