US History Draft - Curriculum Project

Working Document for US History Group

Part One

When going through the curriculum for high school social studies, specifically US history, I noted several interesting trends. There is great emphasis placed upon minority groups and their struggles to obtain rights. This can be seen in most of the units of study, as minority groups have tried to gain rights for a large portion of US history. Notably absent is an emphasis on religion and its role in early colonial development. Slavery is also seeming relegated to the side, although mentioned. In addition, a specific oddity was a very US centric perspective on the American Revolution, with no mention of France’s crucial involvement. America is a very individualistic society, which is reflected in the curriculum since there are many references to the rights of the individual. It is quite concerning that New York State has decided to present a narrative where the horrors of slavery and the issue of states rights are not mentioned in depth.

Part Two

Regarding the regents for US history, there are three parts that vary significantly. The test is divided between 50 multiple choice questions, a thematic essay and a DBQ. I assume that each multiple-choice question is worth 1% and the essay questions are worth 25% each. There is a total of eight multiple choice questions that rely on a picture or diagram, that is present on the exam. The thematic question covers past presidents and their impacts, which matches the individualistic theme found in the curriculum. The DBQ essay on the other hand spotlights the effect various groups have had in developing the West.

TCH 215 Spring 2018

TCH 215 Spring 2018

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