Vasilios weekly breadcrumbs



Week 1


Over the first week I have learned how to structure myself for online learning. I have learned that online learning requires self-discipline in order to stay on track of goals.

I have given myself 30 days to complete the goals of what I am looking to learn from this course. I have decided, in order for me to understand all the goals as a whole, I will research for each goal each week rather than one goal a week. I feel that since all my goals relate to student management it is best to understand each goal together as they go hand in hand.

For my first week of working towards my goals I have identified what I have learned to be the key points.



These will be the key points I will be focusing on to help better understand Classroom Management and the Learning Environment.

  • It’s effective discipline
  • It’s being prepared for class
  • It’s motivating your students
  • It’s providing a safe, comfortable learning environment
  • It’s building your students’ self esteem
  • It’s being creative and imaginative in daily lessons



Motivation is a key factor in the success of students at all stages of their education, and teachers can play a critical role in providing and encouraging that motivation in their students. I feel the key points are listed below.

  • Give students a sense of control.
  • Define the objectives. ...
  • Create a threat-free environment. ...
  • Change your scenery. ...
  • Offer varied experiences.
  • Use positive competition. ...
  • Offer rewards.


Goal 3:

  • Student development teaches us how students rationalize, behave and develop as human beings and helps us understand students opportunities and limits. Some important key points are listed below:
  • Recognize and enhance one’s mental and physical stability.
  • Ensure the classroom environment is welcoming to students from all cultures. .
  • Enhance students’ self-belief.
  • Survey students to obtain information about their likes and dislikes.
  • Allow students to work separately, enjoy learning relationships with peers, and feel they are capable to reach their goals.
  • Create learning opportunities that are active, collaborative, and promote learning relationships.
  • Create educational experiences for students that are challenging and inspiring and that extend their academic abilities.
  • Recognize that teaching and teachers are central to student engagement.


Goal 4:

To better understand student diversity, I have identified the key points

  • Teaching Styles
  • Personality/Attitudes
  • Student population
  • Not all management strategies are effective for every teacher