Action Plan. XJ

  1. Skill I want to learn and why.
  • Making science more relevant and interesting for students so that they are engaged.
  • Creating a hands-on lesson where students can apply their knowledge in real life applications.
  • Motivating students with the “Want to learn” attitude.


It is hard to believe that there are people out there that isn’t interested in understand how their body and the world around them work. I would love to learn a way to engage my students and get them to see science like the way I see it. It has been a struggle so far, this year.


  1. Setting a clear goal on a new skill I want to learn.
  • Implementing a “story time” Do Now to hook the students
  • Implementing a real life, hands-on activity to engage students on current topic


One way to acquire student engagement is making the lesson more relatable to real life scenarios. In order for me to achieve this goal, I will need to set a specific, measureable, and achievable actions into my future lessons.


Plans of action: Dedicating two or more days of “Do Now” questions into a “Story Time”. I will utilize the 3-5 minutes of “Story (Do-Now) Time” to hook the student’s interest and making them want to learn about the new topic. This plan will take away my usual Regent question practice time but if I can get students more engaged and excited to learn then it will be worth it. Additionally, creating a hand-on and relatable activity centered around the main topic will be help students see the relevance of the lesson.


  1. Structuring my time and schedule for this learning goal.

The main focus of the skill I’d like to learn is student focused and engagement. I believe that the time I sacrifice in practice and preparing for June regent will be made up by student’s ability to retain the information they are learning if the information they’re learning means something to them. I will dedicate 2-3 hours each week to research and come up with relatable Do Now stories and hook the students interest. I will also utilize that time and prepare for a hands-on assessment activity where they can relate the topic they’ve learned to real life scenarios.


  1. Accountability partner

I am putting all my work onto Pace Commons and the blogs and fellow classmates will be my accountability partner. I will be posting my weekly Breadcrumbs here and feedbacks will be welcome with open arms. Thank you in advance!


  1. Taking action and Starting the learning

Due to health issues this week, I will be implementing the action plan starting Monday 2/12/18. I will start dedicating 2-3 hours outside of my work time and brainstorm to lesson plan and research. I believe Pace Commons will be a very helpful resource for me and my development as a first-year teacher.

    • Jonathan Lustberg
      Jonathan Lustberg

      Hi Xin,

      Your plan looks great! I like how you're going to try and make your lessons as connected to the real world as possible. Studies certainly show that students retain information better and longer when they are able to internalize it by making real world connections.

      I wish you best of luck on your plan and feel better!

      - Jonathan

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito


        This is a very solid start. I look forward to your first breadcrumb posting.

        In the meantime, I have curated a set of materials to support your work. You can find them here.

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