This version of Turtle is so much better than what I used to use on the Apple IIc back in the stone ages! More user friendly, but still challenging in that you must be able to logically think through each turn, each angle, and each color. I found myself acting like one of Papert's students and constantly playing with angles and distances and starting points and thinking "what if? what if? what if?"

So the attached pictures are of the code for each turtle, and then the final design (lotus eyes). 

There is so much potential for this program in the classroom - math obviously. But also it could be used to draw planetary orbits. Or the moon's rotation around the earth. It could be used to teach color mixing in an art class. 

Granata Lotus Eyes


    • Maria Minafra
      Maria Minafra

      Hi Susan - Great designs. I completely agree that this program has a lot of potential in the classroom - especially in math. As a math and technology teacher, I am eager to integrate this program into the classroom. 

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    Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

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