Hattie defined feedback as a response to one’s work or idea that offers alternative approaches or questions to make the writer think deeper and come up with more ideas on what was commented on. Giving feedback to students allows them to see if they are going in the right direction or not, to become accustomed to structure, and be engaged in their own work. There is research on how feedback is given, but on how feedback is received, there is very little research. So for educators to be most effective with their feedback we need to figure out in what way of giving our feedback will best suite each individual student. A great teacher will give feedback to the student’s work, not the student. Also, when a teacher gives assignments and later grades them, they should be receiving feedback from their student’s grades on their teaching effectiveness. So both the student and teacher get feedback. Mistakes are something we all learn from and they should be “welcomed” in classrooms. If a student calls out the wrong answer in class, the teacher will correct the student hopefully by going over the problem. That student who called out the wrong answer probably helped a few students who didn’t understand the question from the beginning. Some students are raised in collectivistic cultures and others are raised in individualistic cultures, and depending on which culture a student is raised in can influence their method of learning. That is why a good teacher is able to teach using different methods and give all students the equal opportunity to learn. I also agree that the most effective teachers implement peer work in their lessons, for students to learn from one another through competitive games, group assignments etc. Feedback is a huge part of communication, and an amazing teacher is an exceptional communicator. I think this reading is informative for an upcoming educator because it shows how teachers can learn and improve teaching skills and methods through assignments given to students. If half the class got the same question wrong on the test, then maybe the teacher should try teaching the lesson differently next time.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      You did a good job digesting and reflecting on this article.

      I liked this:

      A great teacher will give feedback to the student’s work, not the student.


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