The lesson done on yesterday was very interesting although, it didn't go as planned. Originally as I had said in class, I had planned to teach tap. It was on my way to class that I realized I ididn't have anything to tap on, so I had to switch it up. I wasn't too thrilled with how my lesson went because, I was planning on teaching specific steps and I thought I was fumbling with my new lesson, but I was actually told it went well. I was surprised I was able to come up with a couple movements and ballet positions to show everyone. I received some questions about the shoes and how to make them more comfortable to last through two hours of a practice. It made me happy that I engaged a few people and even caught reactions when I went up on my toes. Before I got up to the front, I was hesitant thinking I wouldn't have enough to say for three minutes, but then after all was done, I felt like I could be up there for another five minutes to show a few moves. I thought it was a good idea with the feedback to give (+, and -) however I wish I could have elaborated on why I put them and give mini comments. The plus and minus were kind of broad so to get deeper into the critique, I would write something that could either help better a future lesson or give genuine compliments. There were many good lessons and I felt that the signs didn't do enough justice for what I would want to say. Overall it was a fun and constructive exercise that I hope we do more of in the future to get more comfortable in teaching things we are proud and fond of doing.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      I am glad you had a good experience with both your teaching and the feedback. You should also feel good about your ability to think (as well as dance) on your feet.

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