Teaching Reflection

Today, I taught a brief lesson to the class about how to apply makeup and how I do certain steps when it comes to applying it. Overall, I thought I did pretty well with explaining my process, routine and the makeup related items that are needed. I believe that I projected my voice well enough for the whole class to hear while at the same time forming my sentences in a way where everyone could understand and follow along. I was surprised that everyone seemed interested in what I was saying, including the guys in the room. 

Overall, my feedback came back pretty good and I was able to see how different people observed the way I performed my lesson. Almost everyone's feedback was different and I like that because then I can see how I did from many other perspectives. I believe the only way to react to such feedback would be having an open conference with the class on where your strong and weak parts are. That way, I can get more in depth feedback and use that to better my next lesson. 

Giving feedback to others wasn't as easy as I presumed. Being friendly with everyone in the class also makes it more difficult to criticize them because I don't want to make anyone feel bad about themselves. As I think about this now, I realize that no one is perfect and constructive criticism is good because without it, how are you supposed to help your peers improve and eventually become that "great teacher" that we've been discussing? The method of feedback that we used today was not really too detailed although it did force us to make decisions quickly right then and there. In any future exercise like this, I would think that more of a "class discussion oriented" type of feedback would be best, therefore you still get to hear from several other people but the feedback is more in detail and more personalized. 

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito

      Brianna, Thanks for your reflection on your make up lesson. As I said yesterday, I have been thinking about it myself, and was quite struck when you spoke yesterday about makeup being a form of self-expression for you.

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