Playing with Turtle blocks

Originally, I wanted my turtle to say hello. Then I turned it into saying "hehe". I also realized if I play the blocks I created forever, it makes a pretty circle design. Check it out!


hehe.pngpretty circle.pngTurtle blocks.png

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      I love the playfulness of your programming! And the magic of turning a "hehe" into a circle is terrific.

      Could you post a photo of your code? It would be great to see how you did this.

      • Amanda Tsaktsirlis
        Amanda Tsaktsirlis

        Nancy, I like how you incorporated both blocks into your post. It's cool to see the transformation between the two designs and hear about how it all came about. I hope you enjoyed playing with the blocks. Nice work! 

        • Maria Minafra
          Maria Minafra

          Nancy, I like how you created the "hehe". I couldn't figure out how to write with the turtle, so I would be interested in seeing which code you used. 

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