Arlene's Action Plan

ED 631 Action Plan


In the initial description of my action plan, I stated that my approach would be to first “address student motivation and development.  I want to be able to better understand how they think, process and interpret the world around them. I am hopeful that this will help me to figure out ways in which to motivate them to work.  I will then tackle learning theories and models  and use the components of these theories to develop learning environments that are best suited to my students.”  If I take these components apart and put time frames to them.  I expect to maneuver my way through the course in the following way.


Student Motivation and Development (Timeframe Feb 4 - 25)


The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute describes adolescent development as a “personal phase of development where children have to establish their own beliefs, values, and what they want to accomplish out of life” (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, 2018).  Exploring these concepts utilizing the Yale-New Haven Institute as well as readings and other resources provided in the course.  I expect to gain an understanding  of how students individual experiences, talents, disabilities, and prior learning influence learning.  


Based on the resources I have looked at so far I expect to complete readings, video, and other media resources within the next three weeks.  At which point I will be able to provide a written summative report on the concepts I am learning.  I plan to provide weekly written portions of this report, that is breadcrumbs, as required.  


Learning Theories and Models (Timeframe Feb 25 - April 1)


The Wikipedia article referenced in the week one resources page describes four distinct learning models.  Behavioral, cognitive, development and constructivist.  The article gives a general overview of each topic but a more in depth exploration of the topic requires additional sources.  I expect to give myself four to six weeks to find additional resources to fully flesh out each concept.  Weekly breadcrumbs on my progress will be posted as required.


Developing Successful learning Environments (Timeframe April 1 - 29)


This is the ultimate goal of the course.  Understanding how students develop, what motivates them and how they learn can be utilized to create a learning environment that can meet the needs of students. This involves the practical application of the theories and models previously discussed.  For this portion of the course, I will be seeking out resources that provide applicable examples of the theories at work and then formulating a plan for how to tailor them for my particular students.  The weekly breadcrumbs will be comprised of an analysis of examples of specific uses of each model and the implications of its use in my classroom.    




Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. The Physiological and Psychological Development of the Adolescent retrieved form

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ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

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