Tatyanas Plan: First Draft

Good Morning ED 631, 

Hey Guys I'm Tatyana Jackson, feel free to call me Taty. I teach chemistry and research at Queens Preparatory Academy in Springfield gardens queens. My scholars are off the walls and so am I so class is usually a fun time. Although sometimes my kids try my patients (in particular my 5th period) this year has been awesome. My classroom culture is pretty chill but there is always room for improvement which is why I want to start with  designing learning environments ( Chapters 7-12)  and pursuing this through Student Motivation (Chapter 6). Then moving on to student development (Chapters 3-5) and then the application of learning theories (Chapters 1& 2).  My plan also includes collaborating with you guys and sharing practices that we find work and don't and trying things to create the optimal learning environments for our kids. Looking forward to chatting with you guys

Have a Great week guys!!!

    • Milani Machicote
      Milani Machicote

      Girlllll I didn't know you taught at that school! My little brother attends one of the schools in springfield but I'm not sure which one. I do know that he drives his teachers up the wall though. I hope that he isn't one of yours. 

      • Tatyana Jackson
        Tatyana Jackson

        Hey and lol awww man whats his name?

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