Hello! My name is Nancy Tavarez and I am currently completing my Masters in Educational Technology at Pace University. As an undergrad, I also went to Pace where I completed my Bachelor's in Childhood Education. I also minored in mathematics while I was there. Currently I am Middle School Tech Leave Replacement at Bronxville Middle School. Im looking forward to meeting all of you and learning new things this semester!

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito



      I look forward to working with you this semester.


      • Amanda Tsaktsirlis
        Amanda Tsaktsirlis

        Nancy, how do you like the Masters in Educational Technology program here at Pace University? I am currently an undergrad completing my Bachelor's in Childhood Education, and am debating between completing the Masters in Educational Technology program or Masters in Special Education program. Any input you have would be helpful. Thanks! 

        • Nancy Tavarez
          Nancy Tavarez

          Hey Amanda, 

          The Masters Program in Ed Tech is so much fun! There is a lot to learn from it. My favorite part of the program is all the different components to it. You learn about assistive technology for students with special needs and also learn about programs that are integrated into school systems. Aside from all that you learn about coding and robots which is pretty cool too! Let me know if you have any specific questions. My best friend is in the special ed program at Pace, so I can connect you with her if you have any questions about that program.

        Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

        Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

        Here is the online home for CS for Teachers.

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