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My biggest take away from the articles and videos was that science is losing it's spark. To me, someone who has studied science for the majority of my (short) life, science is the most fascinating thing in the world because it explain EVERYTHING in the world! Science is so multifaceted. How do we grow? Why is there pollution? Why is the sky blue? Why do we get sick? What is cancer? All of these questions are answered by studies in science! It's amazing! I just wish my students felt the same way and I'm sure many of them do. I am inspired now to make science worthwhile for my students in whatever means necessary. Bringing in demos and interactive labs and connecting science to their lives because science in our lives everyday! Students must realized that. I am even inspired to show my students some of the ted talks to hopefully get through to them and allow them to realize the importance of science. 

I also now want to approach my class in a slightly different way. My students shouldn't sit and be silent and listen to me and behave in my class because they are in my class and that is what is important. They should do all of these things because they are in a SCIENCE class and THAT is what is important. They should think that science is so fascinating and significant to their lives that they come to my class everyday eager to learn more than they did the day before. All of this is very ideal and easier said than done unfortunately. I will be talking to other science teachers as to how to draw their attention and get them truly interested. Maybe I'll light something on fire :)

Perhaps reading more articles like the ones for this week's class will inspire ideas and different approaches I can take with my students.

ED 644 Fall 2017

ED 644 Fall 2017

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