Cognitive vs. Behaviour Theory

Thank you Cognitive theorists for introducing me to Mr. McLeod. He writes in a very clear style that I did not really find in my primary group reading on Communities of Practice.

I find the history of Cognitive theory really fascinating.  In reading your links to the above cited magazine, I followed some hyperlinks to another article by McLeod with a you tube link to Dr. Steven Pinker of Harvard.  In a concise way Pinker explained (and I agree as a novice education/psychology student) that people are not merely reacting to external stimuli...that there is a processing that goes on in people (students) between receiving the stimuli and having a response.  People, like computers, are going through goals and information processing (something a year old child in Watson's experiments cannot possibly do).  It was interesting to see how Cognitive theory emerged in the post war era (mostly at Harvard of course) concurrent with the emergence of computer technology and the birth of Elon Musk's "villain": artificial intelligence!

This ties into my own belief that Communities of Practice exist and thrive in a Cognitive world where people come together to process information and share that information in meaningful ways.

Dave Evans

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