Revised Renewable and Nonrenewable ENERGY activity

This is previous activity:

Hook Activity: Give students a “Scientist ______________________ Data” paper. On this sheet is a list of hints and a category of “Evidence” that breaks up into two columns

First column: we identified that energy was present because….

Second column: Energy Source (wind? electricity? sun? other?)

The students are given 3 hints:

  1. “Heat” comes from energy
  2. “Movement” comes from energy
  3. Energy has the ability to make things change

Their goal is to investigate in the classroom the answer to the question "What is energy?" With the given hints they search for evidence that will help them find the answer.

After they have collected their evidence on energy around them, each person in their group makes up in their own words a definition for energy. They write their definition on the second handout in the spaces below which will have two columns as well. First column says: Scientist Name, second column says: Definition of Energy. Afterwards, as a group they collaboratively choose one of those definitions to represent their group answer to “What is Energy?” 

This is what I thought can improve and expand the activity and push my students' thinking:

Post Activity/Class Collaboration:

After this activity, as a class, my students and I can develop a concept map based on their collective knowledge of factors in the topic of ENERGY starting with the most inclusive, most general concepts at the top of the map and as you go down it becomes more specific, and general concepts become specified in subunits.

Independent Work: Expand student thinking and allow them to pick one problem they can identify in the concept map we created together, and let them examine how methods of fixing that problem can have rippling and unintended consequences throughout the map.