Learning Activity Part 2

My original idea for my learning activity is below:

I plan on teaching an entire unit dedicated to man's impact on the planet, but for this project only focused on the topic of resource depletion. Through my mind map I was able to travel in many interesting directions where I came upon many different ideas for engaging activities to teach my students about man's stake in resource depletion.

The activity I ultimately settled on concerns the fate of trash. I would split my class into groups and have each group follow a different piece of trash through a specific "fate". For example, I would have one group follow a water bottle that gets thrown out in a trash can on the streets of NYC whereas another group would follow the same water bottle, but instead of being thrown out, it is recycled. The class would spend two to three class periods researching these different fates and ultimately come up with a story line (similar to that of a comic book) and tell the story of their piece of trash. The hook is that each group must also discuss the impact that piece of trash has on the environment so that the students are able to see the difference in throwing out a water bottle versus recycling that same water bottle. 

My revision for my activity is below:

From my concept map revision, I was able to understand the importance of the "why" in anything, but especially a learning activity. When a person is passionate about doing something rather than just doing it, then their perspective on the activity completely changes. With that said, I would keep my activity the same, but add in a component that would hopefully allow my students to see the purpose behind recycling. Students will have to research the ultimate fate of the planet if recycling ceased to occur and what that may look like for humankind. Students will also be asked to track the difference of recycling just once or twice a week as compared to not at all. These add components may bring my students to care about the project and want to make a difference rather than just complete the project for a good grade.

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ED 644 Fall 2017

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