Listening to this podcast after my first week of teaching and all of the ups and downs I have already experienced, was an extremely reflective experience for me. The podcast touched upon limitations people may feel as if they have based on their environment and surrounding. I feel this is directly related to a student's experience in the classroom.

I feel that my classroom will work best if the students are able to witness that my expectations for myself are as high as the expectations I have for them. The quicker I grade, the more engaging my classroom activities, the more work I put into lessons, and so on, will reflect the behavior and work I receive from my students. If, according to the podcast, people create their own expectations and limitations based on their social experiences, then it only makes sense that my students will push themselves as much as I push myself as a teacher. 

As I teacher I need to ensure that I am creating appropriate and challenging limitations and expectations for my students, but that all starts with the limitations and expectations I create for myself. After listening to this podcast, my goal is to individualize my students' educations so that they create rigorous and individualized expectations for themselves.

ED 644 Fall 2017

ED 644 Fall 2017

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