Good evening everyone

My name is David Felix and I have to come to know some of you, and look forward to getting to know the rest of you. I tend to me more of a hands on and visual learner that enjoys being in a class that has a clear direction and purpose. This is important for me because I know that I have the attention span of ant and tend to lose focus quickly if not thoroughly engaged. The best class I ever had was a Consumer Psychology course where the professor made it hands on experience through out the course. The professor had us create a viral campaign for any product of our choosing and to introduce step by step on how it would play out. It was a great experience and challenge and I was engaged during each lesson so that I can do my best on the viral campaign. I have had other professors who were not as thorough, engaging, and monotonous which made me lose my focus.I am looking forward to what this course has to offer and the insight each of you have to share in future discussions.

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