Introduction to Learning

Good morning! My name is Kylah and I have gotten to know most of you; some better than others during the course of our SBS over the past few weeks. I learn best in an environment where information is taught using a mixture of different techniques and styles. I like new experiences in learning and being challenged to step outside of my comfort zone. A productive learning environment to me is a safe environment where everyone feels free and comfortable enough to share and get appropriate feedback. A space where the information is taught in a way that is attainable and goals that need to be achieved are possible. I am a hands on learner if that makes sense. I enjoy physically reading books (turning pages not audiobooks or online) and going to lecture halls or classrooms and taking notes so I have never taken an online class. My greatest learning experiences have been those that I am learning about a topic that I am interested in but do not know a lot about. I have that eagerness to want to study, read and gain al the knowledge I possible can about it because it interests me. When the expectations are not clearly stated in the beginning and the expectations are unrealistic have been the major factors in my not so great learning environments. It is important that in a productive learning environment to set the student up to succeed ; and is the job of the teacher to give the students those tools.


    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      Thanks for this great post. I appreciate your sharing that this is your first online course. I am trying to make this experience as open and diverse and as tailored to everyone's needs as much as possible. I encourage you to keep sharing and reaching out. If you need anything or feel lost, please let me know.

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