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Hi all- I am excited for this course as I do love to learn and am committed to being a lifelong learner. I learn best by reading/listening but then most importantly doing. I need instructions to get my brain wheels turning but I never actually soak in all the content until I can implement it in some form. The learning environment that suits me best is quiet, organized, and concise. I believe this type of environment suits me best because I know what is expected of me; I can focus because there is no noise/distractions; and I feel that my time is valued by not having to listen/read irrelevant, non-applicable material. My background is in government has shaped my learning environment expectations. I did best in roles where this type of environment existed. When I have not been at my best has been when I was in a learning environment that was disorganized; a lot of busy work; and unavailable leaders who were not around to respond to questions.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito

      I really enjoyed reading your post.
      What did you do in government, and at what level (local, state, etc.) did you serve?

      I appreciate what you shared about the learning environments that work for you. What do you see your role as being in them?

      • Jacqueline Wyman
        Jacqueline Wyman

        Thank you. I worked at both local (in Cleveland, OH) and federal (in Germany) levels. My background is in risk management and human rights/security policy. My greatest passion is building understanding between groups with different viewpoints and experiences. I thought working in government would fulfill that passion but it did not. I have been in a classroom for one week and already feel that I can do more and learn more by being in a classroom as both a teacher and a student than I did during my government tenure. I am excited to learn and teach but I also hope to be able to advocate to government officials on behalf of our students/communities in the future as well.

        As a student and lifelong learner, my role in learning environments is to listen, to observe and to do what is expected of me. As a teacher in a learning environment, my role is to present timely & relevant material, to keep my students engaged, to be open and agile, to do what is expected of me, and to continue learning as well.


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