Lifelong learner

I learn best when there is multiple means of representation for the subject content. The learning environment should be fun yet structured with a passionate educator. An educator that is agile and excited about what they are teaching, always grasp and hold my interest throughout the lesson. I think that I like a person that is very animated when they are teaching and know how to apply the content information to real world scenarios. Also using technology to be able to present us with opportunities for the real world applications and having discussions where we are able to support or refute the ideas of our classmates. I do not learn well in an environment where the educator only lectures for the entire session, I get bored when only one person speaks for a long time.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito

      I too, like diversity in a learning environment.

      What would you do to capture the attention and curiosity of (your future) students who are like you in this regard?

      • jmann

        I would give my students a take home survey or do a class interview on the things that interest them and incorporate this information into my lesson plans. Always be excited and prepared for the lesson having real world applications for us to explore together. 

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