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I really liked the background info and research data you gave us in regards to the social hierarchy of middle school students that sets up a nice base for what you will be talking about. I would keep all that info. Also, maybe I would not end the paper with a question, even though I understand why it is there. I would think for research papers like this maybe move it more towards the beginning of your concluding statement.




I like the layout of your paper. You kept on topic and directly in line with your investigative questions. I second Ann's suggestion about ending on a question, I would even suggest incorporating into your introduction. The four main Social norms, folkways, mores, taboos and laws are always interesting to study with relation to young adolescents. I also remember my studies of Erving Goffman's presentation of self in everyday life and can't help but see how it plays out in middle schoolers. You did a great job on this paper, it was in an easy to follow layout and filled with great factual data.


Thanks for the feedback Ann and Ron! I agree with the question at the end not really fitting. I think I am going to take out the question completely and just conclude it with a final statement. Here is my new conclusion,


“The findings of this study indicate that their is some type of pressure to fit in in middle school. The findings also indicated that the social statuses amongst these kids were based on success in extracurriculars such as athletics, academics, and music. It seemed as though the more known you are around school for your accomplishments, the more friends you had. I found it interesting that many of these athlete groups and AP groups associated closely with each other and considered themselves to be a part of different cliques, but overall in the same crowd. It is also important to note that not all of these participants were using social media. However, the majority that do use it are those who wanted to be in constant contact with their friends. Therefore, it’s important that teachers make engaging lessons that involve group work in order to promote social development. “


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