Student Motivation

    Clarissa Martinez

    Student Motivation

    Some types of motivation I found from Chapter 6….

    Competition- Wanting to be the best

    Interests- If you take an interest in the task or topic

    Social-Who they socialize with can motivate them to do work.

    The competitive student motivation is something I have witnessed happening in my class. Two boys in my class are competing with which honor roll (gold, silver or bronze) they get at the end of the marking period. So this is motivating them to do well not only in my class but in all their classes.

    I definitely see students be motivated when the topic is interesting to them or the task is fun and not “too much work” as they say. Knowing who your students are, what they like, home life, how they behave in other classes, will give insight on how and what motivates the student. I know for some of my student’s grades motivate them, for some it is hands on and for others it is work they find meaningful.

    I’ve recently in the past month have increased the amount of student choice in class work activity and it works well since students choose the activity they want or the level (easy, medium, hard) of difficulty. I want to do more of this next school year. In my school we use the Universal Design for Learning in our lesson planning, student choice is an UDL checkpoint. I didn’t use it often because it created so much work and paper, but since using it I like it. Students have freedom of choice and can see what level they can work at best and move up to more difficult tasks as time passes.

    The book mentions operant conditioning (using praise as motivation). This has worked with one of my students. I noticed is increased participation and would praise him for participating and told him that I was proud of his improvements. He comes into class and raises his hand at least one time during the period to answer a question. His classwork, participation and behavior began to change in the beginning of the spring term. I want to believe that my praise of good behavior and partcipation is what motivated him to continue participating and complete tasks.

    Motives as goals

    At the start of each marking period the students make S.M.A.R.T. goals based on their grades and previous assignments. I think this helps them reflect on what they need to do to improve their grades for the next term. I just don’t know if they actually follow through and attain those goals. 

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