mBot Week 2 Chapter 11 troubleshooting

I tried a few troubleshooting exercises.  

  1. The first was checking if the code and the sensor were working.  I used the LEDS to ensure the sensor and code working properly.
  2. The second thing was make sure the tires were working properly.  What was found was that in some cases, one or both of the tires needed manual manipulation to get them to start.  This seems to be the reason why the mBot was not responding on the track because the tires did not always respond.  As a result, I tried changing the batteries.  After doing this, the tire seemed to respond correctly when the speed was set at 50 or more; however, at slower speed, I found the same erroneous random behavior.  Although mBot worked at speed 50, this was too fast for the robot to respond to the turns of the track.
  3. Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1iNTg-JXI0fTjdFak96MFIybGc 
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