Unit 5

Part A:


Part B:

Unit 2 Week 2 Turtle Blocks

Unit 4 Week 3 mBot

I picked two pieces that I found extremely fun to complete during this semester. The first project I chose was the Turtle Blocks from unit 2 week 2, I really enjoyed working with Trinket and coding on Python. I chose this project because I had a lot of fun creating it, I was able to kind of just do my own thing and create "art" using this coding platform. I also just loved using this platform because it has so much potential in the classroom, it can be used for art, writing, math, etc. The second project that I chose was the mBot Dance Off project. I just really enjoyed using the mBot, I could see my students learning and creating so much using the mBot. It is a fun robot that can be coded to do so much and it's accessible through a remote, apps and even on the computer. I really enjoyed working on both of these projects which makes me believe my students would have a blast doing these projects themselves, or similar ones. Throughout this semester I was able to work with a bunch of new programs and even a robot, all tools that can be used within the classroom-- not only during "tech" time. I would definitely use this as a way to challenge my students to find new ways to create and publish their own work while enjoying the work at the same time.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      Let me start with Part B first. I completely agree with these as your choices for your best work of the semester. Both show some real problem solving and creativity. And both has a real sense of whimsy, which I love. I mean, if you are not really having fun, why bother?

      Now, on to Part A. You did a terrific job designing this learning experience. I have used Scratch as a presentation tool plenty of times, but had never thought of combining coding as instructions with instructions (how tos) as a task. This is very clever. Your project requirements and instructions were very clear as well.

      Great work.

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