Unit 5

Unit 5 Part A

B. For this assignment, I couldn't decide between two projects that I had done. So I decided to pick both of them. I think that I did my best on the turtle creation as well as the dance-off code using the bot. First, with the turtle creation, I thought it would be very easy to create a simple picture like a flower using coding. But the more I got into it, I wanted the turtle to move certain ways and realizing that you have to have the coding exactly right in order for the picture to come out the way that you wanted it to come out. As I said in my reflection for this assignment, this took way longer than what I thought it would. But when I actually got it how I wanted it to look, I was really proud of the work that I put in for it. Even looking back at it now and looking at the coding, I still can't believe I figured out the little technicalities to make this coding run the way I wanted it to run. There were many times during this assignment where I wanted to scratch the flower idea and do something simple like a square or a bunch of squares. But I'm glad I stuck with the flower and actually managed to complete it.

Turtle Code

The second project that I'm really proud of is building the Mbot, and getting it to dance to a video for two minutes using coding. This was another assignment that I thought wouldn't take that long. But when doing it, I realized that two minutes is actually a really long time, and getting the robot to do different things and move certain ways according to the beat turned out to be a little bit complicated. But I really took my time with it and I wanted to showcase different ways the Mbot can move. Another project that was very rewarding to see the outcome because I worked so hard on it and it was actually a very fun project. Both of these projects really taught me not to give up. For both of these projects, I could've easily taken coding from a website or someone else is coding, but using your own thinking and figuring it out really makes the project at the end worth it. 

Mbot Dance off Video

I would definitely love to introduce coding into the classroom because I feel that it would teach students to be creative and to problem solve and try things on their own. I feel like coding and computer science will give students confidence that isn't really gained in the classroom anymore. I know for me personally it gave me a lot of confidence in my own thinking and it actually humbled me because I thought I was so good with technology. So I think it'll be very beneficial for students to practice this and learn about computer science in the classroom. I think that computer science can really build on general education and unlock skills and ideas that general education can't.


    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      First, you did a terrific job designing an learning activity for your students (via the work for Unit 5). I was particularly interesting in seeing that you choose text based coding as the medium, as this is usually not the case in elementary grades (although I have done this work with 4th and 5th graders and they can definitely "get it."

      And I agree that the Turtle Blocks and MBot Dance Off comprised your best work this semester. I think you like doing things, instead of, say, just reading about them. Your creativity really shone through.

      Thanks for all this good work.


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