Unit 5

A. Design 


Since we are all stuck at home, I wanted to create a coding project for my 6 year old students that you be fun, get the students moving, and could get the family involved. Our students have been glued to their screens for weeks now. My idea would be an unplugged coding activity. The projects purpose is to create a maze in your house or in your backyard. Decorate it and create it to make it your own. Blindfold a family member and write out step by step directions to get them through the maze. Send a video and a picture of you “code” or your directions. 



Essential Questions:

  • What is coding?
  • How can we use coding to move my family member through the maze?


Learning Objectives:

  • To be able to understand what coding is and to demonstrate it in a hands on way through an unplugged activity.


Guidelines I Would Provide:

  • As we have learned code is what we create to tell the computer what to do and when to do it. When we create code we need to be VERY specific so it does exactly what we want it to do. 
  • The purpose of this activity is to create your OWN code! You all are turning into computer programers so put your thinking caps on!
  • The first thing you need to do is create a special maze in your house or in your backyard. Create it any way you want there should be a starting point and an ending point. 
  • Next, you are going to want to write specific directions on a piece of paper on how to get through the maze. (Ex: Take three steps, turn 90 degree and then take one more small step. )
  • Once you think your code is complete pick a family member to test your code. Give them a sleeping mask, a bandana, a scarf, or whatever you can find in your house to blindfold them so they can’t see and test out your code. Can they make it to start to finish by only the directions you wrote down?
  • Don’t worry, programers don’t always perfect their code right away. Feel free to alter your code until it works. 
  • Once you can successful get you blindfolded family member through the maze send me a video and a picture of your code through email!
  • * Make sure your code is nice and neat



Assessment Rubric:






Code was neat, organized, and very detailed 

A well thought maze was created and the video only reflected the code that was written down.


Code was neat, organized, and detailed. 

A maze was created and the video reflected most of the code that was written down 


Code was messy but detailed

A maze was created and the video showed a little of the code written down


Code was very messy and was not detailed. 

A maze was created and the video did not reflect the code that was written down


No code was handed in

No maze was created or a video submitted. 

Total: ____/ 8



B. Course Portfolio




Linked is the blog post of what I feel is my best work, and project that I truly enjoyed. I thought this hands on project was very fun!  I loved working with the mbot and coding through mblock 5. I feel this was the most challenging part of this course for me. It took a lot of trial and error to get my code to work. Unfortunately, the robot I ordered for this project did not work properly. So I was able to work with Nicole. I thought this made the project even more enjoyable because we were able to collaborate ideas and work off one another. We both pitched different ideas for the project and were able to brainstorm together when we got stumped. Together we were able to create a dance video coding our robot to our favorite song, and two fun videos that reminded us of the Ouija board. What I learned through this project was that coding take lots patients!


Since I now have an understanding of computer science, I know how we should implement in school and teach it. Computer science might sound scary and intimidating    , but it can be very fun and creative. I think computer science is great to try at any grade level. CS promotes creativity, critical thinking, and inquiry. 


    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      The project you designed is just terrific. I can see this really working with the younger children with whom your work (and their families). What I also love is that it is not just one thing. The kids can make as many mazes as they want. And/or they could add rules, like navigating the maze in so much time, or only being able to move backwards or something like that. And/or they could create maze challenges for other kids.

      I agree that your work with the mBots represents the best work you have done this semester. But I don't see a link here. Can you add it? You can do so by click on the "Edit" button above.

      • Samantha Gray
        Samantha Gray

        Hello Dr. Ardito,

        I knew I was forgetting something! I edited my post and included the link. 

        I am glad you enjoyed the project I created. I do think this project would be great for the students I work with. I think I am going to try this out when I have my own classroom! 


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