Creating Performance Tasks

We are in the midst of learning to plan curriculum using the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework. So far, we have been focused on the development of essential questions and big ideas. You can see your final work on these here:

In the UbD framework, this work is the first step (Identify Desired Results).

The next step, as you can see, is to Determine Acceptable Evidence. This means that it's time to figure out how you will know that your students  have internalized the Big Ideas/Enduring Understanding and engaged powerfully with the Essential Questions. This means it's time to brainstorm some Performance Tasks. 

You can (and should) read Jay McTighe's description of Performance Tasks here:

To get started, brainstorm 3 possible Performance Tasks for a unit you can imagine teaching. As you do so, think about the various types of understanding you want to address. Take a look at the Depth of Knowledge Wheel below.

Please bring your brainstorms to our next class.

TCH 215 Spring 2020

TCH 215 Spring 2020

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