Responses to Excursion 1

I just finished reviewing your postings for Excursion 1. You can see one another's work by following this link.

Pace Commons turns tags into search criteria and allows you to click on a tag to see everything else tagged with it. So, using tagging correctly is a really powerful tool. Not doing so (and more than half of you didn't) creates a little chaos and work for me. 

I strong encourage you to read both each others' postings, as well as my responses to them. Collectively, these responses are capturing some essential questions and ideas about teaching middle school students. You will also see that I have frequently asked you to consider some questions. You can answer them by just replying to your original post.


I also wanted to highlight some of the really intriguing things that some of you said. Here goes.

From Rachel:
After reading this article, it reminded me to take a step back and not focus on the content but my students as a whole. 

From Julia:
Teachers must support students by creating achievable purposeful curriculum that supports both growth and development. The correlation between all  students’ developmental needs suggest that an interdisciplinary approach is essential to maximize learning.

From Abria:
One common theme I observed was regarding behavior management. There is much inquiry regarding successful behavior management strategies for a middle school instructor to facilitate an effective classroom environment.

From Stephanie:
As an educator, I would want to establish an understanding with my students that they will be encouraged to challenge themselves but to also be honest about their experiences both in and out of the classroom which could affect their ability to learn. 

What most surprised me was the (likely unintentional) resonances across all of your postings. A really interested conversation has emerged and I encourage and ask you to continue to participate with it.

Lastly, I just found this paper on teaching practices that support student self regulation. I think you will find it very interesting and relevant.

Keep challenging yourself to go deeper - in your readings, in your responses, in your interactions with one another.

Onward and upward.

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