week 1

a. How have Papert and Kay shaped the world of computing in education (or not)?

Papert and Kay have shaped the world of computing significantly. Papert was a researcher on learning technologies and how they could better education. He was the creator or logo a program in which would help students learn how to solve problems. Thi idea is similar to many of the coding programs we have today. Both Kay and Papert believed that logo programming could provide great benefits to learners and students. Their ideas and concepts were backed by their theories of great educational theorists such as Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget and more.

b. Has their legacy lasted?

I believe both Kay and Papert made a lasting legacy. In many schools nowadays we do believe in student-centered learning and that students learn through self-discovery and problem-solving. In addition to that, we try and implement these skills through the use of technology. In classrooms across America, we can see students suing similar coding programs and learning this way of problem-solving. Also, many students outside the classroom are taking great interest in this and it is proving great benefit.

c. What seems still relevant and/or outdated about their work and thinking?


Overall, I found a lot of their work to still be relevant. I think their ideas are still something we are working on properly incorporating computer science into education in schools, but I think there is great progress being made. I think this is an area that will continue to be studied and will grow for years to come.


When playing around with Turtle Block this week, I realized it is something that is going to take me a bit to get the hang of. I was able to follow the video but was not too successful in creating codes and patterns on my own. I am sure with more practice and it will come more easily. I found the program to be very cool and user-friendly though! I defiantly look forward to introducing this to my students and seeing what they can do!

Below are some screenshots of some of my attempts at using Turtle Blocks this week.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      I enjoyed reading your responses to these fellas, Papert and Kay. I had the chance to have some email exchanges with Alan Kay about 10 years ago and those interactions ended up changing my teaching. I will have to tell you that story when next I see you.

      I would be happy to help you with TurtleBlocks. It is sometimes to have a face to face (or synchronous at least) introduction. I do not see any screenshots. Did you post them?

      Also, I do not see anything about your experience with Alan Kay's software, Etoys. Did you get a chance to try that out yet?

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