Papert and Kay have shaped the world of computing in education. Their research has helped develop education and technology as we know it today. According to the works provided, Papert was a computer scientist know for the constructionist theory of learning in education and artificial intelligence. Both are these are prominent today. Artificial intelligence is what we know of today as computers, this concept helps humans obtain knowledge and do things that we normally could not do. Such as searching and learning new information so quickly. the Constructionist theory states that students work best with project-based learning to take what they know to learn more. Kay invented what we know of like today, the very first computer. He allowed this artificial intelligence to come to life. He led this through windows. According to the video about Kay, believes that teaching is through sensory, reasoning, and perspective.  I believe that both their legacy has lasted. What they researched and worked so hard on are concepts that we still see today. Others have built on their ideas and concepts have grown.  Today, we still see their work. In schools, teachers are referring to Papert's theory of constructionism, through project-based learning. We see computers in every classroom which is Kays's first creation. What seems to be outdated about their work is that it is was all the original first step. The ideas have grown by others and similar ideas have been created. 

Working with code:


    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      I enjoyed reading your responses to the work of Papert and Kay. I would love to know more about what you think about the feasibility and applicability of their ideas today. Have you considered trying to implement their ideas in your classroom? Why or why not? What challenges do you think you would face? How would you meet them.

      I imagine the links you posted were for your with Turtle Blocks. The first just takes me to the site. It does not contain your work. The second points to a file on your computer, which I cannot access. Perhaps you can take some screenshots and attach them here?

      Also, did you play around with Etoys (Alan Kay's software)? If not, please do so. If so, I would love to know what you thought about that and see samples of your work. Again, screenshots would be swell.

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