Blended Learning Project Week Two

Week Two Reflection:  

This week was crucial for my analysis of data to identify exactly where I wanted to start and with what specific apps, tools, and programs.  I have decided that I need to highlight accessibility features on the laptop as well as the iPad based on the data. I also intend to show off some Google Chrome extensions after seeing the data from the survey.   Of 28 people who were sent the survey, 21 people were able to respond which was a reasonable amount of people to respond. This included one administrator and at least one student intern who will be with us for the entire year. Names were not required by the staff as I have learned that is oftentimes a deterrent when completing a survey.  I have completed my write up on the needs assessment and have realized that on Monday that the best place to start in addition to the few apps and programs I wish to explore further with staff and provide PD on is to look at what we have available on our iPads already. Many teachers have applications they do not know how to use or use effectively in the classroom and I think this would be a good place to start. I have decided I will definitely be showcasing the use of SnapType Pro, Co-Writer, Grammarly, Pictello, Seeing AI as some of the first apps.  

According to the data, I have also been considering the structure of the Blended Learning Program.  There were varying answers of how staff members prefer to learn about new applications, tools, and features.  Given one of the purposes of blended learning is to allow for varying modalities of learning, I don’t think it is enough for me to just showcase how to use the program or alter the features in person or via video but rather find alternative videos or walkthrough documents to support the staff.  At this point, I have completed my executive summary write up as well as the needs assessment portion (with the exception of the applications we have at school). This week my focus will be to decide what the sessions will look like both face to face and virtual sessions and how my schedule will be set up.  I think the one thing that is important to note is since our school has such diverse skills, these learning opportunities will afford the staff the chance to pick what modality is best for them. 

Also, during this process (granted this isn’t my project) but between our annotated bibliography and this assignment, I have a new idea that I would love to implement in my school which uses QR codes to show how to use specific switches and other AT devices that we have.  Once again, we have some devices but people don’t know how to use them. Just food for thought and a different project to put on the backburner for now.


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