Blended Learning Plan: Week 2


1. Executive summary

This Blended Learning plan focuses on creating learning opportunities that improve the current Google skills of self-identified, novice Google users among the K-12 faculty in the Rye City School District. To determine the target population, a voluntary Google Form evaluating individual, self-assessed Google strengths and weaknesses was distributed to all K-12 faculty in the Rye City School District. Users that scored their skills as novice in two or more primary Google apps for education were clustered to form the target population for this plan. To note, the primary Google apps for education that were identified in the form include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets and Classroom.

Through this blended learning plan, the expectation is that faculty will build confidence and agency in their Google skills thus using Google Apps for Education more fluidly in their instruction. Building such skills will provide faculty with the fundamentals necessary to tackle more mid-level tech tools in the future. Google Apps that will be targeted in this blended learning plan include Drive, Docs, Slides, Forms/Sheets and Classroom as these are the primary G-Suite for Education tools that align promote 21st century learning as well as the 4Cs: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. At this time, although Gmail and Calendar are used within District, they are primarily used for administrative duties and organization and do not serve as quite an important instructional tool as the other applications in the G Suite.

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