Blended Learning Plan - Final Project - Progress Report 1 (Needs Assessment)

Week 1, I performed some research to be able to write the needs assessment portion of the proposal. I found that for my school of approximately 110 teachers, only 71 have a directory listing on our school website. In addition, 10 of those listed either no longer work at our school, have retired, or have passed away. Multiple entries are incorrect and do not reflect new positions for staff members. The person responsible for this updating is not clear, but it may be a woman who is on maternity leave right now, so I do not expect our website to be updated anytime soon.

I evaluated the directory listings for the following criteria:

  • Directory Listing, no page setup
  • Directory Listing, Page set up, but no resources or resources are sorely outdated.
  • Directory Listing, Page set up, some resources available.
  • Director Listing, Page Set Up, Resources are updated regularly and links are included.

Obviously, the fourth bullet is the goal of our parents and district, but the teachers have not received training or development on the maintenance or creation of these directory pages, and therefore those who are slightly computer literate have attempted to create pages, but most of our teachers who are new most likely do not even know the possibility exists.

Of the 71 teachers who are listed in the directory:

  • 34 have a profile but no page
  • 23 Have a page, but no resources listed.
  • 12 Have a page, some resources, but the resources are out of date or incomplete
  • 0 teachers have a page with appropriate resources and links. (Yes, including myself!)

I performed an informal poll of my colleagues to find out what the issues are in regards to creating, maintaining, or even having a teacher page on our website. From this poll, I have determined that the lack of training/knowledge is the single largest factor in this deficit. The second highest factor is the lack of fidelity in the directory listing, and the third largest is time. Teachers feel there is not enough time to update all of these websites and pages.

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