Blended Learning Proposal

For my blended learning proposal, I have decided to implement Zearn in my school. Zearn is a tool to build a deep understanding and love of learning math for all students. With lessons, activities, and games for the students to use, it also comes with a year-long professional development for teachers. It comes with school accounts, online professional development, as well as PD printed materials. Zearn also has many different formats to teach students. It features whole-group activities, independent lessons, small group lessons, as well as assessments and reports to plan what to teach next. I'm excited to venture more into Zeanr and create a plan to future implement Zearn in my school's math curriculum!

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      I had a chance to work with teachers in Peekskill who were using Zearn last year.

      I am sure your colleagues will find this work to be valuable.

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