Proposal for Blending Learning

What: Flipped Classroom

Proposed to: Rye City School District (K-12)

For: Google for Edu Integration for all Teachers

An area of needs that I currently see in my role as Instructional Tech staff developer is that there seems to be a need to "go back to basics" with Google for a large population of teachers.  In the District, as in most, we have a pocket of "trailblazers"that are comfortable with integrating technology and are self starters. With that said, the trailblazers are the minority and we have a larger larger population of teachers that are still hesitant to make the transition to Google. As a District, we offer quite a bit of monthly PD surrounding instructional tech; however, we tend to focus on specific tools (Edpuzzle, Screencastify, Flipgrid, etc.) and I think there is a need to go back to basics to meet the needs of beginning Google users to ensure they are not left behind. As a result, I would like to create a Blended Learning opportunity for teachers to familiarize themselves with G-Suite for Education. Since we are a GAFE District, I think is is essential to ensure that all teachers feel comfortable with this platform. By doing so, my hope is that we are able to instill a sense of agency in all teachers in an effort to move them, at their pace, along the tech continuum. I think feeling comfortable with the fundamentals of the G-Suite will help teachers feel more confident in their tech ability in general. 

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      As we discussed via email, I think this is very worthwhile project to take on. I am sure your colleagues will find it very useful.

      I look forward to seeing how your thinking and project itself evolve over time.


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