And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance...

I must say, this project took me longer than I had expected.... first I was stumped with what to do with the little guy to make him "dance"... he has no arms to shake and move, and no legs to swing around, but he can go forward, back, spin, and I had the faceplate I realized which I could utilize to show "emotion"!!!

I decided I wanted to throw in an extra component... that he would only dance in the dark! So first I set it such that if (light sensor is less than 150) that's when he'd follow commands... else he'd sit there with a frown face :( .... Thought that'd be straight forward but at first I forgot to state when he is with a frown face I had to set both motors to 0... or else he still moved after dancing. So that was one of my first trouble shooting issues.

Next I had to play around with what I wanted him to do... started with a standard forward, back, turn right turn left then spin in a circle.... BOOORRRRRRINNNGGGGG. Was way too boring and he just smiled the whole time... So I added some expression... I made "Heart" eyes and a cute smile to show how "excited" he was!

My next addition to my code was randomizing the direction he spun a little bit... I added a line of code: If (pick random number 1 - 10, is less than 5)spin right... else spin left... this changed up his rotations a little bit and made it a bit more interesting.

One part I liked was my addition of his flashing heart face at the end of his routine before it looped.... I did have some issues with this. First I forgot to add a pause between blank, and his heart face. Then I forgot to add a oause after his heart face. I must say this took a lot of patience... I had to hook him up, load the program, take him into the other dark room, test him, figure out something wasn't working and try again...

Grrrr. I did get frustrated at times but it was definitely a great experience. I know how my students feel when they get to a problem with a difficult solution and have to try over and over again to solve it. I would like to believe in the time I spent working on this my problem-solving skills improved, and I can definitely see the benefit for working with something like this with students to work on improving their problem-solving skills!!

Also, here is my code: (okay that will be posted as a comment... the link box isn't showing up!)
(I have videos, I'm just trying to upload them now and will post links asap!)

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