Week 4 Online Blended Learning

Week 4 was on communication, and language development. The video taught about how we acquire language. The professor said there are four specific areas to master a language, phonology, semantics, grammar, and pragmatics. As much as I was already knowledge in what each of these areas are and the role they play in language from prior classes, I was never taught about the development of these skills. That being said, it was really interesting to learn more about this topic and add to my knowledge. I also liked that the professor brought in examples from different languages and not just from English. It was quite interesting. 

When reflecting on the overall layout of the course, I think it was set up quite well for its topic. The course as a pre-quiz at the beginning of each week’s lesson followed by one or two practice quizzes as more content was introduced. The content was through multiple videos and usually a few supplemental readings. Given the topic of the course, I found the videos to more helpful as someone was explaining the information to me. Also as the information was being taught, key points and diagrams came up on the screen.

    • Anthony Travaglini
      Anthony Travaglini

      I love that your course had a pre-quiz before each lesson! I've never seen that before and sounds like a great way to prepare for what's to be expected in the lesson ahead.

      • Alicia DelMastro
        Alicia DelMastro

        I thought the videos in my course were helpful too, I almost felt like I was sitting in a class :) 

        • Kristie Orlando-Bangali
          Kristie Orlando-Bangali

          This topic is super interesting to me as a former foreign language teacher! I agree with both you and Alicia about the video use in my course as well. The videos were my favorite part. They captured and summarized the key concepts in a concise way that made the other articles in the modules more meaningful. It made me think of a tech tool I like to use called Edpuzzle. With edpuzzle you can insert questions while watching videos to check for student understanding. I wonder if this would have made the videos even more interactive!

          • Gerald Ardito
            Gerald Ardito


            I have been very interested in observing your progress through this experience.

            I have had two consistent (and related) reactions. The first is to wonder how this perhaps deeper dive into childhood cognitive development has influenced your work with your own students. The second is your description of that course's use of videos and diagrams (apparently embedded in the videos) in order to support learning. Here, I wondered how universal you thought your own reaction was.

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