Online Blended Learning - Week 3

Week 3. lecture 4.1.1. Introduction to Cyberdefence

Cyberdefence is essential to protect organizations from attackers.


Attackers are getting increasingly sophisticated and have more incentives than ever to mount cyber attacks. From building ransomware or mounting DDoS attacks and demanding bitcoin payments, to working with organized crime and even national governments, malicious hackers have numerous ways to monetize their skills and protect themselves.

Malware, phishing, spyware and DDoS attacks are just a few of the tricks where cybersecurity experts are seeing an increased usage of machine learning and advanced AI techniques. In fact, cyber attacks are getting powerful with the hackers using artificial intelligence.

  1. A more formal description is that Cyberdefence involves a wide range of activities
  2. to protect your business from attacks, trying to respond as quickly as possible to threats.
  3. Cyberdefence techniques try to be an obstacle for attackers, thus making difficult the achievement of the final goal.


This week formularizes the student with an accurate understanding and recognition of cyberthreats.

The lectures are the same, this course is design on a E-learning platform and not a blended-learning.

No interaction with instructors, its read to pass a test. There is some interaction with students via posting or commenting on a post.


    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito

      This seems to have been a good experience for you.

      I have just picked up the book Sandworm which appears to be a fascinated and frightening story of cyber defense.

      It also appears that the course you took had little interaction, either with the instructor or other students. I know this is something you value, based on your participation in this this and other courses.