Learn a little something/Teach a little something

I decided to learn about our Earth's environment and what is happening to it. I did this through three videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv7OHfpIRfU



After learning about it I decided to create a website teaching my classmate's about this topic. Here is the link: https://savetheearthjc.weebly.com

Overall I thought this was a fun project because I got to create something online that informs people of something I think is very important. Surprisingly it was very easy to do as well. I would definitely recommend this route for something looking to educate a group of people on a topic. 

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      This is an interesting cycle of learning a little something and then creating an experience for teaching others what you have learned.

      Good for you.

      • Samantha Gray
        Samantha Gray


        I love your topic because it is SO important. Additionally, I love how you used a blog post to teach about your topic. Your blog post is very informative about what is happening to the earth. You provided many reasons the earth is in danger, but most importantly, you gave us ways we can help it! I learned a lot from your blog post. I learned that scientists give us a century before the earth is unable to live on. That is terrifying!! That statistic alone makes me want to do more. Also, I learned that eating less meat can help our environment. Because of your post, that is something I am going to do! 

        • Brianna Walter
          Brianna Walter


          Your blog looks so well put together, clean and visually appealing.  I loved your use of images and the text was very concise which was great.  I also like that you added a quiz at the bottom of your blog to assess a student's knowledge of the topic.  I think you did a great job on your project. It is great how resourceful the internet actually is.  Nice work.  Weebly is a great site for creating blogs and I feel I should use it more often or try to integrate it within my classroom more.  Thanks for your post!

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