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As a new teacher, when looking at your library, it looks scarce compared to teachers who have been in the school for many years. This was something I realized as a first-year teacher. I wanted my students to be able to have access to as many book options in our classroom during readers workshop as their peers in other classes. I believe students' choice and inter4est in what their reading plays a significant role in their success and growth. That being said, I wanted to make sure I had books on all topics my kids were interested in and be able to expand on that throughout the year without breaking the bank. 

I began to think not only could this be beneficial for me, but also for my grade level team as I plan on creating QR codebooks resources to tie in through our different topics tied though our curriculum throughout the year, for example, magnets, the lifecycles, multiplication, etc. So skill is something I then hope to share with the rest of the school and aid them in the process so they can do the same. 

Although there are plenty of online books students can find online, this ides allows students to pick books for the whole class, and direct students towards specific topics while still giving them a choice. It will also just lead them directly to where they need to be and eliminate going to the website, logging in, etc. 

When I started learning I bought this I honestly first just started playing around with the idea. Looking up different QR code making apps, QR reading apps, and free books sites which I can pick books from.  From there, I decided to then search for blogs of teachers who implement this concept in their classroom and even stumbled upon Public and private libraries that have QR codes on the shelves for certain books. Something a lot of these sources highlighted was that this allows many students or people to read the same book at the same time. Even famous libraries such as the Harvard library are integrating this idea into their libraries. 

I learned the options for QR scanners are limitless and can work on students' iDevices as well as their Chromebooks in schools. This also goes for making QR codes as well. 


Teach Something: 

When creating QR codes, I used the application QRCode Monkey. I found this option most appealing for many reasons first because it is free. Also, QRCode monkey is easy to use because you have to copy and paste the link from the online digital book source into their website. 


It also has different color-coding options if you want to code QR code by topic or subject, and also, it lets to attach an image to the QR code. You can add a logo, so for all the books about magnets, there can be a magnet int the center of the QR code, or all books that are read aloud from youtube may look like the one displayed below. 


Some free sites which you can attach the link from a book and turn it into a QR code consist of but are not limited to, Epic, Raz-Kids, Storyline Online, and Free Kids Books.

The video here is an excellent example of one of the many platforms to get and create QR codes for books from. Also, the video does a remarkable job displaying how the QR code tabs I created to look like. I think this layout is essential for students as it also provides them with a small visual representation of the book. 

How to use/ make QR codes:


Once the QR codes are made, the students can use their QR reading apps at home or apps in school to scan the QR code and read the book. This video below shows how scanning a QR code linked to Youtube works. 

How to use QR Codes: 


    • Susan Granata
      Susan Granata

      What a great idea for organizing the library. Our school doesn't allow students to have their phones but in the high school, where students are allowed to use their phones,  I could see QR codes being used and very useful. Thanks for sharing.

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito


        You did a terrific job with this. 

        I found myself really wanting to know more about QR codebooks. I am still not quite clear about what they are and how they work. Can you help me understand them more?

        I definitely got that these skills could be used by both teachers and students to enhance their learning and ability to find, annotate, and share resources with others.

        • Michelle Raspanti
          Michelle Raspanti


          Like Susan, I do see the issue with kids not being allowed to use phones in schools, but I know some students have assistive technology in the form of an ipad, and in many schools, students have access to a chromebook. I feel like a lot of schools would be able to make this work, not only for their own organization, but for young students as well. I absolutely love the idea of students being able to read books from school at home! The accessibility is wonderful.

          From your post, I learned how easy it was to code books with a QR code. I would love to know more about categorizing books. Thank you for this great idea, I definitely learned something valuable!

          • Samantha Gray
            Samantha Gray


            I LOVE this idea. As a new teacher finding books that match your students interest and grade level is challenging when you have a small classroom library. There is so many books available online, so why not use them? This idea is great when your school district is 1 to 1. Students will have their own devices to scan the QR code in the digital library! 

            I want to create by own digital library for my classroom as well! Thank you for showing us how easy this can be!

            • Brianna Walter
              Brianna Walter

              HI Nicole,

              I really like this project.  Like Sam, you both used QR codes in two totally yet very practical and useful ways.  How long did it take you to code all the books?  Do you provide students with a print out of all the codes for them to access at home? I also like that you explored different types of QR code readers and decided what you thought was the best.  There  are so many out there, you are totally right & some aren't really great or can get confusing.  Thanks for sharing which you felt was best- I'll be sure to check it out!

              • Alicia DelMastro
                Alicia DelMastro

                I love the idea of using QR codes. I really want to try and incorporate them more in my Kindergarten classroom but for the parents. In recent years we have had less and less interaction with parents coming in so freqeuntly to the classroom a. because the curriculum is SO demanding and there just isn't enough time and b. because so many parents work. This could be a great way for when parents do have a chance to come into the classroom to scan a quick QR code and see a video of their child in action. I really love all of the ideas here for the QR code in libraries. 

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