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Learn Something: 

What I wanted to learn was a way students can log onto their chrome books in a quick more efficient way. In my first grade classroom, it takes alot of time away from instruction to remind each child their user name and password. Additionally, first grades are slow typers. Loging on is a process. I want to be able to incorporate technology into the first grade curriculum. 

I decided to do some research. I found out through my reseach, that you can log onto the chrome books with a QR code. This would be great not only for my class, but for my district. I needed to find out HOW I can do this. I did some more reseach and found out about a program named Clever. Clever is a free extention for all school districts. This program gives us the opportunity to create personalized QR codes for each student in the district. These QR codes can help students log onto the chrome book almost instantly! My current district does not have this program so I needed to teach the districts technology committee about this amazing program, so that it hopefully can be implemented this year. 

Teach Something: 

I sat down with the lead technology committee member to educate her about the software Clever. I found out that all neighboring schools have this program and I believe we should too. In my pitch I explained that it will help our young students log onto the chromebooks in a quick more efficent way. She was very intrested but needed to know how this program works and what we need to do. 

How Clever works-

Clever is an program on chrome. With the creation of this program every time students open their chrome book instead of seeing a log in page the webcam will turn on. Through this program, adminstrators and teachers have the ability to create and print individualized QR codes for each student. To log on, students will show their QR code to the webcam. This will then quickly log the student in right away. 

This is a video showing how Clever works on a chrome book- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3m_U1Ihu7ak&feature=youtu.be                                

How to get started-

1. Talk to an adminstrator at your school about creating a Clever account. It is FREE!

2. Adminstrator will have to fill out information on the Clever website. Some of this information includes: district name, number of schools, distirct email, the school's SIS, etc. 

3. Once the account is created, the district will input student information and  Clever will create the QR codes for each student. Teachers will be able to acess their classess QR codes on their account through a printable PDF file. 

These clever badges will help students access information on their computer quickly and independently. 

For the future-

My district plans to create a Clever account. Once the account is created, I plan to teach other teachers how to use QR codes to log into the chrome books. Many teachers in my district have never seen how QR codes work. This future session I feel will be very useful, and will open the minds of others!

    • Anthony Travaglini
      Anthony Travaglini

      This is such a great idea Samantha! My district needs this as well! However even my middle school students have password issues.

      • Jennifer Rinaldo
        Jennifer Rinaldo

        This is wonderful!  Thankfully my district has streamlined usernames and passwords, so the students are pretty good at logging in independently in fourth grade.  However, I am going to recommend this program to my colleagues who teach younger students, logging in can waste so much time!

        • Gerald Ardito
          Gerald Ardito


          I agree with Anthony and Jennifer. This is really cool. I particularly liked how you focused on a very practical question and then sought to learning something about it to then share with others. 

          I know you have hit a roadblock, but I am sure you will find a way around it.

          • Nicole Tartaglia
            Nicole Tartaglia

            Hey Sam, 

            Loved this idea! This is definitely something that would be helpful if incorporated into my classroom! It is also so great that the platform used to do this is free! I am most defiantly going to take a look at it myself right now and try it out! I think you did an awesome job teaching how to set up use Clever. Thanks for sharing! 

            • Brianna Walter
              Brianna Walter

              Hey Sam,

              I admire how proactive you are and that you were able to sit down with the lead technology committee member.  That is awesome and I love how you found out that other nearby schools are using it, if anything that helps your case to implement this in your school as well.  I'm sure other teachers would appreciate it.  I would be so interested in finding out how much time it saves, I can only imagine how much better and efficient it would be!  I think its so interesting that you also state that there are teachers who don't know what QR codes are, I wonder what they think when they see them in public locations for other things like restaurants and other products!

              • Kendall Stevenson
                Kendall Stevenson

                QR code is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode first designed in 1994 for the automotive industry in Japan. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. In practice, QR codes often contain data for a locator, identifier, or tracker that points to a website or application. I think that you came across a great uses for the QR code. I'm 100% positive that anyone who excepts your idea well be greatly satisficed. One more tool in the box.  

                • Nina LaMarch
                  Nina LaMarch


                  I have heard of clever but I have never seen it in action. This is a brilliant idea, especially for the younger grades. The amount of time that I have spent logging students in during chromebook time, significantly cuts into their time using the computer as well as my time helping students with actual work. I like how the camera is forgiving in the sense that you don't have to put the QR code directly in the center of the camera because young students that would benefit from clever definitely would have a hard time centering the code. I really like this program and I would love to see it in my school.

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