Week 2 Formative Assessment

Feedback and Assessment

My understanding of feedback and assessment is that they are used an ongoing basis to assess a student on their growth and understanding of a topic been taught. I also believe that most of these assessment takes away learning time from the student in a different subject area, for e.g. a student as a state ELA test coming up, teachers seem to be more focus on that subject area because they want all student to do good and also the teacher wants a good rating. Overall I think feedback and assessment can be positive and negative on a student learning. Based on readings feedback and assessment can be both positive and negative. Feedback is used to enhance student learning and has no effect if there’s no learning context. Feedback such as praise is ineffective. Assessment: can be formative and summative, testing student understanding and modifying teaching. They are also geared to increase the focus on testing.

Feedback can be negative, “more than one third of the effects indicated a negative impact on feedback”. A large group of student didn’t find feedback on testing to be useful. (Ludvigsen, K. 2012). The article Formative assessment and feedback mention that formative assessment should “invite learners engagement with the feedback”. Teachers when giving feedback should not only do it verbally but instead actively go through the work together with the student to increase student understanding.

Positive feedback increases student understanding and modifying the lesson. The article The Power of Feedback talk about feedback as part of a process of teaching and should have a learning context. “Feedback is not necessarily a reinforcer, because feedback can be accepted, modified, or rejected. Feedback by itself may not have the power to initiate further action. In addition, feedback is not only given by teachers, students, peers and so on, but can also be sought by students, peers and so on, and detected by the learner without it be intentionally sought”. I really like this sentence as it speaks on feedback; how it is received, sought, and accepted. In my opinion feedback acceptance can also be impacted based on the student-teacher relationship. I think both teachers and students have biases which can impact the effectiveness of feedback. Student looking for feedbacks is very effective and shows good classroom management, but this has never come across my mind when I was writing.

Assessment, reading the article Formative and summative assessment in the classroom speaks on “What is working,” and “What needs to be improved.” Assessments are an ongoing test to see how well a student is doing and how can a lesson be modified to engage students and increase learning.

In my classroom feedback is used to help a student increase their understanding of a topic. I usually sit with students and go over areas that need improvement. After reading these articles I am going to develop an environment where a student can independently sought for feedback or more of an assistant if they do not understand something. I am going to make feedback engaging where student gets the opportunity to practice and ask questions.

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