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At the beginning of this course, I had fairly low expectations about whether I would enjoy the course or even find it beneficial. I literally remember saying to myself, how could computer science be beneficial for an English teacher. But after taking this course, I can confidently say, knowing about computer science is an absolute MUST for any teacher of any subject. More specifically, this course has solidified two major teaching beliefs that I have always supported: 1. students are not the overall numbers and/or averages they receive and 2. utilizing technology is important for student growth and skill development.

As teachers, we are always packing on assignments, projects, tests, quizzes, etc. for our students as part of the overall curriculum of the year. Unfortunately, while we are getting caught up in making sure we are on task with getting every lesson completed and every grade submitted on time, we are forgetting that these students are just kids. They aren't robots that can be programmed to complete a task on command, they are just kids trying to develop and grow. Attached are two blog post I had written regarding the importance of looking at the process of student learning over the overall product of student learning.

In every subject, teachers have a lot of different responsibilities to ensure that students are continuously being engaged in their learning. One format that is extremely beneficial is the use of technology in the classroom. For example, by using technology for article research, or writing journal entries, etc. students are developing their skills and abilities for the future. Specifically in an English classroom, having students understand how to research articles and discover what a credible source is for information will benefit their skills later on in life as they are in college and have to begin writing higher level research papers or an overall college thesis. Using technology for journal entries will allow for students to begin to test out different informal and formal ways of writing, as well as give them creative freedom to show their own personalities in their writing. Attached are two blog posts I had written regarding the importance of utilizing technology in the classroom.

Overall, I am so incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to take this course. I learned a lot about my own ability to create meaningful projects, as well as discovered brand new ideas to use in the classroom. I would say that my absolute favorite assignment had been the MBot Dance-Off Challenge, which allowed for me to bring out my creative side and think about my own abilities. I am hoping to utilize the MBot in my own teaching, specifically the George Orwell's 1984 lesson that I thought of!

Thank you again for the thought you put into creating this course and for making it absolutely enjoyable.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      I am so glad you had such a good experience in this course AND that you surprised yourself with what you could do.

      It has been a pleasure working with you.

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