Unit 4 - Putting it all together part 1 - Granata

I created a lesson plan on teaching students about parallel and series circuits. This electricity plan is part of a larger unit study on electricity and magnetism, which leads to binary communication and the ASCII alphabet, progressing to learning to code in Scratch or Python.

I include this as my submission despite the lack of coding or robots because education technology is about more than programming software and playing with robotics - it's about choosing wisely when integrating technology to classroom settings. We have all read and learned about the hazards of throwing technology at a problem for technology sake, and I believe this lesson uses technology to reinforce the lesson goals and core concepts, offering students a chance to explore the topic with some depth and develop understanding, before applying the skills they learn to real life situations.

I am using a modified version of this lesson with my special education class which has 6, 7, and 8 grade students combined and it is proving effecting in keeping students engaged and excited about the next class/lesson, which is a challenge with such a diverse group of learners.

Click on the PDF below to view the lesson plan.

Granata - Electrical Circuit Lesson Plan

Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2019

Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2019

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