Unit 4 – Break It to Make It: Learning about maker spaces through robotics

I tried to create a program that the bot could do some synchronize dancing, something simple. So I chose the Chicago Step dance. In the video there people having a good time dancing, and the bot wants to dance with them. 

When I first started the project, I ran into some program issues. The Mbot tutorial would not allow me to go past challenge 7-3. I called the IT department in Bazhong china, yes "I said China". Just for them to tell me what I already knew, there are bugs in the program "Wow".

The upload was to big for Pace and so the video I that I uploaded was not the full video, so here is the entire video. I enjoyed playing with the Mbot and I hope that you are entertained. https://youtu.be/U0hheUwLIvg







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