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    • Tara Thornton


      By Tara Thornton
      I actually really enjoyed all aspects of this learning experience, criticism included. I had the opportunity to take another week to alter my project, which was absolutely beneficial. I added a slideshow, whereas my original didn't have one....
      • Gina Corselli

        My Learning Experience

        By Gina Corselli
        Personally, I think my learning experience presentation went well considering the time limit. I obviously did not look up any ideas before presenting therefore I can admit that I was pretty lost in terms of what to present originally. When I was in...
        • Nicolette Kara Camacho

          Learning Experience

          I honestly did not know where to tart when it came to designing a learning experience. When I was in high school I don’t remember doing any activity that was particularly engaging when it came to math. I think when we were younger there was...
          • Justin Herrera

            Learning experience

            By Justin Herrera
            I presented my learning experience and i feel that it went really well. My experience was on the the causes of the first world war mainly about the alliance system. I attempted to separate the class in 3 groups but since we had 4 i had to improvise....
            • Holly Parisi

              learning experience

              By Holly Parisi
              The process of designing my learning experience I found difficult. I spent so much time trying to figure out an idea that I can show in 3-5 minutes. I feel like in biology you can spend a really long time trying to explain one idea. My original...
              • Mike Tenzer

                Learning Activity

                By Mike Tenzer
                This was really my first experience ever that entailed me to create my own learning lesson and present it to the class. I worked vigorously in my organization process so that I could deliver an effective learning experience. My lesson was on...
                • Nicolette Kara Camacho

                  week 6

                  By Nicolette Kara Camacho
                      Okay so first I have a story about scratch when I was in middle school. When I was in the seventh grade, we had technology class. We were using scratch as like an introduction to programming. We had a group assignment to tell a...
                  • Gina Corselli

                    Week 6 Blog Post

                    By Gina Corselli
                    I believe the majority of people know there are various types of learners that exist. Saying this, I knew before reading this article that every individual learns in different ways. Personally, I have always been a writer learner or a visual leaner,...
                    • Justin Herrera

                      Readings response week 6

                      By Justin Herrera
                      The Stem-D article was a very interesting read. Your knowledge was very in formative Dr. Ardito, the article talks about problem solving skills within children. In my opinion problem solving skills are the most essential when growing up. In...
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