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    • Rachel DeMayo

      Week 12 3 x 3

      By Rachel DeMayo Comments (1)
      I hope this works  
      • Rachel Richards

        Week 13

        Rachel Richards Dr. Ardito Group D   Many believe that coding is the fundamental building block skills needed for 21st-century literacy. What does “coding” look like in school and how can student include it...
        • Milani Machicote

          ED 656 Week 12

          Coding should in fact be introduced into schools along with other literacies. As educators we want to ensure that we are adequately preparing our students for the working world and that the material we teach is relevant in and out of our classrooms....
          • Nicole Stevens
            • Rachel Richards

              Week 11

              Rachel Richards ED656 Dr. Ardito 11/15/18   Growing up in the Caribbean I did not have much access to a book or a library. My island has one library for the entire population about 200 000 people. The schools did not have a...
              • Minh Pham

                Week 11 Blog Post

                By Minh Pham Comments (1)
                A common thing theme in this week’s reading is giving students the power to decide what to read and how to read. I have always agreed that students need to have a choice in what types of literature are relevant to them. It needs to appeal to...
                • Milani Machicote

                  ED 656 Week 11

                     To comprehend a text means to internalize the text. Literacy educators provide students with the skills necessary in order to be able to compartmentalize a text. English teachers especially, discuss the tone of the author and...
                  • Rachel Richards

                    Group D week 10

                    Rachel Richards Ed656 Dr. Ardito Group D Week 10    Much attention is there towards the different genre and its application in language teaching and learning. What Genre speaks too; is how students write, use language to...
                    • Milani Machicote

                      ED 656 Week 10

                      The genres that we use across contents vary. For English Language Arts students delve into a variety of genres including fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, thrillers etc. English class lends itself to the multitude of genres because it allows learners...
                      • Milani Machicote

                        ED 656 Week 4 Reading Response

                        By Milani Machicote
                        Adolescent literacy instruction is a topic of concern that has been garnering increasing attention over the past couple of years. On a national scale, politicians, researchers, educators, and other school personnel in charge of educational policies...

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